About Dr. Angela Sturm

dr angela sturmHello, my name is Dr. Angela Sturm. I am a plastic surgeon at Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, which is led by an internationally acclaimed facial plastic surgeon. I am honored and proud to be board certified by ABO and to have completed the prestigious American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Fellowship with Dr. Kridel.

Trust Your Face to a Specialist

Medicine drew me in with its promise of continual challenges and personal interactions. I have always been particular and want things to work and look just right. So when I found the field of Facial Plastics, it was a perfect fit. In this field, my meticulous nature makes my work exceptional and my patients very happy. My relationships with my patients is just satisfying on so many levels. Trusting someone with your face is as personal as it gets. I truly enjoy sharing in their triumphs, joy, excitement in our office, and that extends to the other aspects of their lives.

dr angela sturm
With significant growth in aesthetic procedures, particularly for patients wanting to maintain their youthful appearance at an earlier age, I am passionate about working with every patient to tailor the most effective method — whether it is surgical or non-surgical — to help them achieve their desired results for facial rejuvenation.

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