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16 Skin Problems That Fraxel® Laser Treatment Can Fix


Posted May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

While no beauty treatment can miraculously fix every aesthetic issue, some advanced technologies can come pretty close. The Fraxel® laser provides skin resurfacing to treat an incredible range of skin conditions. Patients with any of the following conditions can undergo a Fraxel® laser treatment to achieve a more youthful, even, refreshed, and bright complexion.

Routine  treatments annually or semiannually can slow the aging process to keep you looking younger for longer. Fraxel® is proven to be effective in treating the following skin conditions:

  1. Before and After FraxelHyperpigmentation: a harmless condition where certain skin patches become darker than the surrounding skin due to an excess of melanin. Fraxel® breaks up the melanin deposits so that they fade away to even out skin tone.
  1. Hormonal Spots/Patches: darker skin spots that result from hormonal changes, such as those that may occur during pregnancy. Fraxel® causes the darker skin to exfoliate and fade away.
  1. Melasma (Mask of Pregnancy): a patchy brown, blue-gray, or tan discoloration of the face caused by sun exposure and hormonal changes. It is most common among pregnant women and those with darker skin tones. Fraxel® is one of the best treatments for melasma and can help even out skin tone.
  1. Sun Damage: wrinkles, dark spots, textural irregularities, and other signs of accelerated aging caused by overexposure to the sun. Fraxel® facilitates a healthy skin response to heal signs of sun damage in the skin.
  1. Blotchy Skin: patchy discoloration caused by sun exposure, rosacea, hormones, genetics, allergies, acne, and other factors. Fraxel® treatment can produce a more even and balanced skin tone.
  1. Discoloration: an overproduction of melanin in certain areas of the skin. Fraxel® can target discolored skin so that it rises to the surface and flakes off.
  1. Brown Spots: spots of brown-colored skin, usually caused by sun exposure or aging. Fraxel® laser treatment attacks the excess melanin so that the skin tone becomes more even.  
  1. Before and After Fraxel TreatmentSun Spots, Age Spots, Liver Spots (Pigmented Lesions): flat brown, gray, or black spots on the skin that occur mostly in sun-exposed areas such as the face, neck, hands, arms, chest, and back. They are common in individuals over age 50. Fraxel® can significantly reduce the pigment in these spots so that they become less noticeable and fade.
  1. Pigmented Skin Lesions/Vascular Dyschromia: darker or lighter skin patches, or discoloration attributed to vascular lesions. Fraxel® laser treatment helps eliminate discoloration to produce an even and unblemished skin tone.
  1. Precancerous Skin Lesions: actinic keratosis, some moles, and Bowen’s disease can be precancerous. Fraxel® is FDA approved for the treatment of precancerous skin lesions and may reduce or eliminate these conditions before they become cancerous.
  1. Acne Scars: permanently raised, indented, or broken areas of skin left by an inflamed acne lesion. Fraxel® can induce biological healing to soften and erase acne scars.
  1. Chicken Pox Scars: permanently depressed areas of skin sometimes left by chicken pox. Fraxel® can help the skin to heal itself and eliminate chicken pox scars.
  1. Surgical Scars: permanent lines, jagged areas, or possibly raised scar lesions left by a previous surgical incision. Fraxel® triggers collagen formation to help the skin heal itself and minimize the appearance of surgical scars.
  1. Periorbital Fine Lines: crow’s feet wrinkles or other fine lines around the eyes. Fraxel® increases collagen production to fill out the skin, which can soften many fine lines.
  1. Irregular Texture: rough or uneven skin due to aging, sun exposure, or other environmental factors. Fraxel® helps the skin to heal and smooth itself out.
  1. Enlarged Pores: enlarged hair follicles in the skin caused by genetics, age, gender, and/or the overproduction of oil. Fraxel® treatments can help reduce pore size to create a smoother skin appearance.

Fraxel® laser treatment can rejuvenate the skin in numerous ways. To request your consultation with Dr. Angela Sturm, call (713) 526-5665 or complete our online contact form today.

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