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Does Justin Timberlake get Botox?


Posted August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized


What do you think?  Does Justin Timberlake get Botox?  I think he does because he is smiling and has not even a hint of crows feet wrinkles.  Almost all of us have some wrinkles while we are smiling even when we are young.  I respect him for that.  He is man-enough to take care of himself now so he will stay this handsome for as long as possible.  I personally appreciate that!

More men are pursuing cosmetic treatments than ever before.  Those that are reluctant fall into one of three categories.  They have either never had it, are insecure or are concerned with the cost.  The fact is, preventing the wrinkles now with Botox can save time and money in the future.  Furthermore, men look good with a smooth forehead, you can’t deny that, right guys?

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