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It’s the season for cute noses!


Posted July 21, 2014 in Rhinoplasty

Houston rhinoplasty before and after

Thinking about Rhinoplasty?  Summer may be the perfect time! 

If you have been thinking about rhinoplasty(nose job) for a while, summer is a great time!  Many people have a few months off of school and work, which is more than enough time for recovery. 

Also, people that you have not seen in a few months may not notice changes that are well-done and natural.  They will just notice how beautiful you look!

Transitional summers, like summer between high school and college,college and grad school or starting a job, is a good time for a new, positive change.  College brings a new environment and new friends who will never know that you had surgery.  They will only know the confident, new you!

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