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What is the best treatment for my eyes?

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Most of us look at other people’s eyes first when we look at their face.  This is where we see their emotions, expressions and their perceived energy level.  No one wants to be told that we look “tired”, particularly when we are not.  Therefore, frequently I hear that people want their eyes to look “refreshed”.  With the advancements in noninvasive technologies and anxiety that the word “surgery” provokes, many people are looking for noninvasive treatments to give them their desired look, but want to know what the best option is for them.

Noninvasive treatments

There are a number of treatments out there.  Thermage has a treatment specifically for eyes uses radiofrequency to produce collagen and tighten the skin around the eyes.  Ulthera similarly stimulates collagen, but is used outside of the orbit, meaning above the brow, on the crowsfeet and under the eye, to tighten the surrounding skin, lift the brow and give a more open appearance to the eye.  Both of these make the skin a little red for about a day, but essentially have no down time.  They offer a nonsurgical, progressive change over about 3-4 months and last about 12-18 months.  Obagi has a new product, Neotensil, that is topical and while it is applied can reduce the appearance of under eye bags.  This is temporary, but may be an option for a quick fix before an event.

More permanent options

An upper or lower blepharoplasty (eye lift) removes extra skin and fat to remove the hooding from the upper lids and/or smooth the skin under the eyes.  This is a dramatic change that you will notice immediately, even with some swelling.  It is also a permanent change and will always look better than if you did not have the procedure.  Some people may notice aging related changes for which they may want another procedure in about 10 years, therefore this is about how long it “lasts”.

Most people’s concerns regarding surgery include recovery time, possible pain or discomfort and cost.  Eyelid surgery is associated with minimal discomfort.  Most patients do not need the pain medications that they are prescribed.  The patients feel up to non-strenuous activities in 2-3 days.  The down time is dictated more by the patient’s bruising or swelling, which varies from patient to patient.  So, many people work from home or an understanding office at about the third day.  The majority of bruising resolves in about 7 days, which is also when the sutures come out.  So, after about 7-10 days you can resume work and social activities.  The cost will vary by surgeon and by the surgical plan that has been tailored for you.  Something important to note is that the cost may be similar to that of a noninvasive treatment.  Therefore, many people have a more noticeable, longer lasting refreshed change with a small amount of down time and comparable cost with a blepharoplasty (eye lift) compared to a noninvasive treatment.

The options span from a quick subtle change for an event in a few days to a permanent change that can make you look 10 years younger.  All of these options may not be available or discussed at places that only offer skin care and noninvasive treatments or that only focus on surgery, so a consultation in a physician’s office with surgical and nonsurgical options can give you the most information and help you make the best decision for you.

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