Cases in Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty – Case 37

June 26, 2019

24 year old Caucasian female who broke her nose and wanted her tip to be shorter and more refined. She had repair of her nasal bone fracture and rhinoplasty to shorten and refine the tip.

Rhinoplasty – Case 34

43 year old Hispanic female who wanted to improve her breathing, straighten her nose and bring her hump down. The patient had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty which improved her nasal breathing, narrowed her tip, straightened the nose and brought the hump down to give her a straight profile.

Rhinoplasty – Case 33

47 year old female who had a previous rhinoplasty by another surgeon 20 years ago. She had nasal obstruction, dorsal saddling and a pinched nose. The patient had revision rhinoplasty to improve her profile, breathing and nasal tip.

Rhinoplasty – Case 28

20 year old Hispanic female who had a hump, droopy and wide tip. She had rhinoplasty to narrow and refine her nose, as well as straighten the profile.

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