48 year old female, Rhinoplasty

For many years, I had considered having my nose reshaped, but very nervous about the procedure.  After several consultations (2) with/@ Dr. Kridel’s office, the second with Dr. Sturm I made the decision to go through with the procedure.  Dr. Sturm and her awesome staff explained the entire process, which made me very comfortable, the surgery center was exceptionally great as well.  After the procedure in the beginning I was a bit worried of the results (under stress).  Once the bandages came off I was so relieved and couldn’t be happier with my results which has given me more confidence than ever.

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34 year old female, Rhinoplasty, reduction of nasal bone fracture

I broke my nose and Dr. Sturm was wonderful with her bedside manner and really took the time to understand my needs and desires I wanted to achieve with the surgery.  Being a busy mom of 3 the staff was very accommodating with my scheduling and patience of having 3 kids in their office.  I also loved all of the educational material they provide you with.  It really helped me to understand every piece of the process.  After going to other consults, I felt the level of professionalism and the passion for what she does was my ultimate deciding factor and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

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20 year old female, Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sturm, the staff and everyone have been the best of the best.  I would definitely recommend anyone to get their surgical procedure by her.  She has made my journey a great and pleasant experience and has exceeded my every expectation.

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64 year old female, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eye lift)

I was constantly being told how tired I looked.  Since the surgery, I have gotten nothing but compliments on how young I look!

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52 year old female, Rhinoplasty

Thank you for being so sweet and compassionate and caring for me.  I love you all!

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65 year old female, Fraxel, Sculptra, Ultherapy

It is always a pleasure to be treated by Dr. Sturm and FPSA staff.  They are enthusiastic, yet realistic, about treatments.  My results have been at least as good, if not more so than expected.

One of the nicest things is that Dr. Sturm and staff make every effort to assure the emotional and physical comfort of patients for any procedure.

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24 year old female, Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and tonsillectomy

Always struggled breathing and snoring.  Decided that getting my tonsils out and deviated septum fixed would fix the problem.  Went to and ENT and was told they would fix the problem but not touch my nose cosmetically.  I felt if I was going under sugically I might as well do some cosmetic!  That’s when I ended up in Dr. Sturm’s hands.  I have had an amazing experience and could not be happier with the results.  I felt the recovery was simple and almost painfree!  I would recommend rhinoplasty to everyone!  Easy recovery and amazing results!

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26 year old female, Septoplasty, functional nasal surgery

Dr. Sturm and staff were extremely helpful and friendsly.  They always patiently answered all my questions.  I always felt like I was in good hands.  I’ve already recommended Dr. Sturm to friends and will continue to do so.  This was overall a positive and life-changing experience.

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20 year old female, Septoplasty, functional nasal surgery

Can breath much better than ever.

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20 year old female, Rhinoplasty, reduction of nasal bone fracture, septoplasty

In 2011 I first broke my nose during cheer practice but the septum was not deviated.  Then as I kept cheering in 2012-2013 I was hit again in cheer and unknowingly went a year with a deviated septum.  But of course I keep cheering and didn’t stop to go to a doctor when I found out because I knew the only option would be surgery.  Until Feb 2014 I got clocked once again in the nose and after that I had major trouble breathing and once the season ended went to the doctor’s.  Now I can breath 10x better than I ever remember being able to.

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