Restore Your Youthful Hairline With Hairline Advancement

If you are unhappy with the size and proportions of your forehead, it can have a significant impact on your overall facial appearance as well as your self-confidence. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reliable treatments available to improve your hairline or reduce the size of your forehead. However, at our clinic, Dr. Angela Sturm offers an innovative procedure called hairline advancement that can lower your hairline and improve your facial harmony.

What Is Hairline Advancement?

Hairline advancement, also known as hairline lowering or forehead reduction, is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to lower the position of the hairline. Lowering the hairline also reduces the size of the forehead and improves the proportions of the face.

During the surgery, Dr. Sturm makes an incision along the hairline and carefully removes excess skin from the forehead. She then uses tiny sutures to carefully close the skin, effectively bringing the hairline down and creating a smaller forehead.

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Benefits of Hairline Advancement

For individuals who are unhappy with the position of their hairline, hairline advancement can potentially offer the following benefits:

  • A lower, more youthful hairline position
  • Reduced forehead size
  • Improved facial proportions and harmony
  • Long-lasting, natural-looking results
  • Improved self-confidence

Who Is a Good Candidate for Hairline Advancement?

If you’re interested in lowering the position of your hairline, you could be a good candidate for hairline advancement surgery. Ideal candidates for the procedure are typically unsatisfied with the size and proportions of their forehead. Hairline advancement is not ideal for patients who have experienced hairline recession, as the hair loss progression would reveal the incision. When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Sturm, she’ll have questions about your medical history, current health, and any medications you’re taking. This will help her determine if you’re truly a good candidate for hairline advancement.

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What Is the Recovery Like?

After your hairline advancement procedure, your forehead will be wrapped in bandages and dressing, and you’ll experience some swelling and soreness around the hairline and scalp. You’ll likely need to spend between one and two weeks resting and recovering at home before you resume your normal routine. During this time, you can speed up the healing process by sleeping with your head elevated, applying a cold pack to the treatment area, and staying hydrated. You’ll also need to wait at least four to six weeks before participating in strenuous exercise or physical activity.

Why Choose Dr. Angela Sturm for Your Hairline Advancement Procedure in Houston?

Selecting the right facial plastic surgeon for your hairline advancement surgery will help to ensure that you achieve high-quality, natural-looking results. Dr. Angela Sturm is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a leader in her field. Dr. Sturm completed medical school and her residency at Baylor College of Medicine. After that, she completed the distinguished American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship program, where she learned about a variety of cutting-edge surgical techniques. Since then, she has become a highly awarded and respected member of the Houston facial plastic surgery community. If you’re ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sturm, simply call our office or fill out an online contact form today.

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Hairline Advancement FAQ

How long does hairline advancement surgery take?

Are the results of hairline advancement permanent?

What type of anesthesia will be used for the procedure?

How long does hairline advancement surgery take?

Hairline advancement surgery usually takes around two hours to complete. Following the procedure, you’ll need to be monitored for a couple of hours before someone can drive you home.

Are the results of hairline advancement permanent?

Typically, the results of hairline advancement will be permanent. Although the position of your brows may descend with age, your forehead will never stretch back to its original size.

What type of anesthesia will be used for the procedure?

Dr. Sturm prefers to perform hairline advancement under general anesthesia.

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