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Posts From December, 2014

how do you ask for what you really want for the holidays 5d09297c941d3

How do you ask for what you REALLY want for the holidays?

Blog Posted December 04, 2014 in Uncategorized Jewelry, clothes or purses are great presents and I think we all appreciate them, but what about a present that you enjoy every time you look in the mirror, get a compliment from a stranger or you get that approving look from your special someone?  Looking good and […]

prescription vs cosmeceuticals vs cosmetics 5d0929821b8e2

Prescription vs Cosmeceuticals vs Cosmetics

Posted December 02, 2014 in Products I am constantly looking at skin care products for myself and my practice.  The labels and characterizations that are given to some products are just confusing.  So, I thought some background on what the categories mean would be interesting.  Skin care products come in three form cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and […]