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6 Things You Didn’t Know Botox Can do for You!

Posted February 27, 2018 in Products

The wrinkle smoothing powers of Botox are widely known probably has you envisioning the forehead of a 20-year-old. There is a reason this injection is so wildly popular… IT WORKS!

The most common use for this powerful cosmetic drug is relaxing unwanted wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead, but there are many other ways you can utilize Botox making this procedure even more in demand with both men and women!

Botox and products like it, Dysport and Xeomin, are known as wrinkle relaxants, meaning it temporarily paralyzes the muscles creating your Dynamic Wrinkles AKA Expression Lines. Dynamic wrinkles are those deeper crevices caused by years of memories, smiles and frowns that show up when you move your muscles. They mainly live on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and on the sides of your eyes or “Crows Feet”.

Having Dr. Angela Sturm strategically inject the right amount of Botox into the targeted areas, she can smooth out your existing dynamic wrinkles while also preventing them from getting deeper and even worse, making friends!

1. Get Rid of That Crease Under Your Nose

Some people get a horizontal line between their nose and mouth when they smile and that can bother them.  There is a muscle that goes between the bottom of the nose and the mouth muscles that can be relaxed helping that pesky little line to disappear.

2. Botox Can Lift Your Nose

Who knew a nose needed lifting?? Referring to our friend Gravity, everything falls including your nose. It may be a minuscule amount BUT your face isn’t that big, a tiny movement makes a huge difference. Around age 40 your nose actually begins to sag and eventually can take on that hooked shape, think the old lady with the poisonous apple. Botox creates a temporary “mini nose job” taking years off of your face.

For this look, Dr. Angela Sturm injects Botox at the base of your nose between your nostrils and upper lip. This injection releases the muscle that pulls your nose downward. A little Botox in this area results in a lifted, more youthful, and rested appearance.

3. Soften Jawline/Chin

Some people are born with a more square-shaped jawline or it becomes that way after picking up the teeth grinding habit.  You may desire a more feminine or oval shape to your jawline which can be achieved with Botox!

Injecting Botox into the Masseter muscle, the muscles we use to close our mouths and chew will cause the muscle to weaken slightly thus making it less pronounced. Over time, injecting this area leads to a more oval and contoured lower face, a more youthful chin and shapely jawline.

4. Reduce Sweat 

Another great use for this super-powered liquid is as a solution for people who suffer from Excessive Sweating AKA hyperhidrosis. Botox can be injected into any area with overactive sweat glands from underarms and palms of your hands to forehead, and the soles of your feet.

The way it works is by preventing the communication of the nerve that signals your sweat glands to produce sweat. Clean, Simple, DRY!

5. Blowtox? Botox for Great Hair!

Botox is used to prevent excessive sweating thusly making it an effective solution for keeping hair looking fresher longer giving you more time between blowouts.

“Blowtox” involves Dr. Angela Sturm injecting Botox into your scalp and hairline. She targets the sweat glands are responsible for producing blowout-ruining moisture giving you bouncier, longer lasting, more beautiful blowouts.

6. Smooth the Lines Around Your Mouth

Fillers, peels or lasers can feel like a really big step. If you don’t feel you’re ready for that jump there is a more subtle alternative to smooth your kisser.

By injecting a small amount of Botox across the upper and lower lip line, Dr. Angela Sturm will relax those muscles making the vertical lines less noticeable.  The key is knowing just the right amount to give you a nice smooth appearance and keep your beautiful smile!

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