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How do you ask for what you REALLY want for the holidays?


Posted December 04, 2014 in Uncategorized

Picture3Jewelry, clothes or purses are great presents and I think we all appreciate them, but what about a present that you enjoy every time you look in the mirror, get a compliment from a stranger or you get that approving look from your special someone?  Looking good and feeling good about how you look isn’t something you only feel when you are looking in the mirror getting ready in the morning.  Whether it is Botox that smoothes that wrinkle between your brows that looks suspiciously like your mothers, laser hair removal so you don’t have to think about shaving every day or a lift that reveals that fabulous jawline that you have, it impacts your confidence for your business and charity activities, your relationships and your general well-being.  Giving the gift of confidence is something that will shine year round and won’t go out of style next season.

These are all qualities that men appreciate in a gift, long lasting results, positively impacts multiple areas of your life, can improve your relationship and increases the chances of your wife praising you instead of complaining (my husband’s favorite).  They just haven’t thought about it that way.  It is really more of an investment than a purchase and what is a better investment than yourself?

When I talk to couples, the most common concern is that any cosmetic procedure will make their beautiful wife or girlfriend look like a real housewife.  We all know that there are a number of people who have injections, surgery, etc that look very natural and you can’t tell.  They simply look good for their age.  Most of us as plastic surgeons and dermatologists agree with this philosophy and have this aesthetic.  Seeing before and after pictures are reassuring not only to you that your physician shares your aesthetic, but can be very comforting to the man in your life, since men are often visual and like to see what to expect.

My advice is to be direct in what you want.  They will appreciate not having to come up with an idea.  They have probably not thought about cosmetic procedures, nor do they usually know about them.  Also, let them know what it really can do for the both of you and share some pictures with him either at physician’s office or online.  Giving them more information about what you want generally makes them more comfortable and supportive!

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